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Who the Hell is Cocoa Butter Ben?

Updated: Apr 20

Who's asking!?!

As a "mature" Floridian transplant from the cold north (over 40 years ago), I try to mind my own business and take the time to savor the salt air, crashing waves, and the hard-packed sand that make Daytona Beach famous.

When I first arrived here, I was "slightly" lost. But the longer I stayed, and the more I drove around, I came to the conclusion that I love Daytona Beach.

As I got my bearings, I realized that this is a very easy town to get around.

At dinner one evening, after a couple months, Mrs. Cocoa Butter, told me to get my act together, and get us a beach pass so we could drive on the beach. When I went online, I couldn't believe my four eyes. As a Volusia County resident, I only needed to shell out $25 a year, for unlimited access (when tides allow and daytime hours).

When I told her the good news, Mrs. CB, raised her eyebrows and replied shaking her head in pity, "of course! didn't know that?"

We spent that first summer, enjoying the World's Most Famous Beach, from end to end. We discovered the folly of sitting out the high-tide, and found our favorite spots with sandbar pools at medium tide.

Hell NO... it's not perfect. One thing I will say about Daytona Beach, and Volusia County in general, is that it is a place where just about anyone, from anywhere, in all economic levels, with any kind of tastes, likes and dislikes can find a corner or even large swathes of our geography that suits them.

This little corner of cyber-Daytona Beach belongs to me, and I will take the liberty to exercise my First Amendment rights at will. I have been called a lot of things, but apathetic is not one of them. Of the few things I can assure you, I am not a slow eater, I don't believe in staying in the left lane on Interstates 95 or 4 unless I am passing slower traffic to my right, and I believe some dogs and cats sometimes have more sense than some people.

And in the name of the freedom to speak, if you like what I write, please leave a comment and let me know. Like-wise, if you think I suck, let me know...I can take it.

Talk to you soon...Ben

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