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Pardon Our Dust!

Thanks for stopping by.

Not sure how you found us, but that's not a problem, we are open 24/7. As you can see if you navigated any of the page links, we are still building.

My goal is to be up and running at 90% by summer 2024. Once we have reached that level of completion, we will begin the promotion phase, with a local blitz of visual promotion and online support and promotion with an active social media and blogging campaign. But that's nuts and bolts.

My goal is to provide my friends, (that means you), with up-to-date local practical information, so whether you live here or are just visiting, we want you to have the information you need, to visit Daytona Beach and its surrounding areas "like a local."

You might be saying, "Big words Ben."

If you're a savvy traveler, in a new destination, and you want to know where to go and what to do, you ask a cabby.

In my constant effort to uncover more of what makes Daytona Beach a top tourist destination, its rich history and discover its hidden treasures, I decided to put in the miles on the road, so you didn't have to. I started driving the modern version of the cabby, by getting on the Uber Driver platform. Exploring on your own, you just can't replicate what you find when people share a few minutes of their lives with you, and use the platform to contact you and tell you where to go. But more on that another time.

See ya out there.


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